The IDM Group had a number of financial services brands including DebtBusters, the leaders in debt counselling and JustMoney.  To begin with, Freedthinkers was asked to facilitate a group purpose, which evolved into:

Building a financially healthy society, together

We conducted a brand review and set of strategy facilitations that resulted in these imperatives:

  • Grow DebtBusters
  • Grow JustMoney
  • Develop significant partnerships
  • Retire marginal brands

In March 2021 were asked to be a resource to the marketing team of DebtBusters by providing strategic, tactical and creative guidance.

We began by facilitating the distinct DebtBusters persona and tone of voice. This has resulted in new landing pages, website, radio, banner ads and social media.

New clients have increased by over 20% in the first year of our brand stewardship, despite the pandemic curtailing staff onboarding activity. DebtBusters share of market has also significantly increased.  However, it is no time to relax.  Almost 90% of the over-indebted still kick the can down the road. Feelings of shame and caution of bad actors in this space keep the vast majority from seeking desperately needed help.

DebtBusters, with Freedthinkers help, is changing the negative perceptions of an industry.  Bringing thousands of families back from the edge of ruin to restored financial health.

Mike Freedman & Danielle Ehrlich