Visuals from ’Taking back Control’ – in-depth conversations with 30 women, between the ages of 35 and 50

Our story, briefly

Our purpose is to liberate potential  – the potential of people, a place, an enterprise and brand

We  closely observe start-ups and scale-ups, leaders and laggards, towns and cities, from the inside. We hear their stories. Their potential becomes clear, so do the blockages.

We put together top teams of researchers, analysts, strategists, creatives and subject matter specialists. These teams range from 2 – 12, at any one time. We investigate, facilitate and co-create, always in close collaboration with our clients.


We strive to do three things well

      • Deliver actionable insights
      • Grow good brands
      • Facilitate the future of places

Our landing page is the guide to short case histories.

The two partners are Mike Freedman and Pippa Kapelus.

Mike Freedman took elements of his first career as an award-winning copywriter, his time as a brand architect for a bank, a facilitator for an inner-city vision and company culture guide, to start freedthinkers. He plays an active role in most development projects.

Pippa Kapelus comes from a background of in-depth research. She joined Freedthinkers in 2001 to link insight with action; what is with what can be. She designs and runs stakeholder engagements for brand, place and culture.

We can only do what we do with a wonderful array of very talented people who enjoy working with us on projects of meaning.


We have been a virtual operation since 2000, apart from a three year experiment in Turbine Hall, Joburg. We work across Southern Africa.

Team leaders

Mike Freedman

Pippa Kapelus

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