Freedthinkers was first engaged by Workshop17 to gather member insights for each of the co-working locations by involving the location teams.

We guided them to develop and execute involving ways to gather good information. The response was excellent, but six weeks later, as improvements were being prioritised, the pandemic struck. Physical co-working was shut down – and in two weeks we had initiated a virtual co-working space.

As the lockdown eased, Freedthinkers was asked to help restore a shattered morale. Innovative  group dialogues unlocked pent-up frustrations and fears, opened the way to a new sense of unity and set of culture commitments.

This was followed by becoming a temporary outsourced marketing and creative department. The Workshop17 experience needed to be communicated.  In eight months we developed a distinct tone of voice and look, demonstrated in a new website, banner ads and regular social media posts.  We outperformed revenue targets, and achieved record click-throughs.

The brand make-over has been positively received by staff and members. In 2022 Workshop17 is adding four more locations.  With the brand and marketing firmly on course and now reflecting the experience, we have completed our third assignment in two tumultuous years. Workshop17 has weathered the storm that sunk many and has come through, stronger, more resilient than before.

Mike Freedman, Danielle Ehrlich and Fount Studio

“We chose and enjoyed working with freedthinkers, because they really go beyond the obvious and beneath the surface. They search for the essence and how to bring that to life: within the teams, in our service to our members, and in all our communication. And in such a way that there is consistency, depth and humour. They clearly love what they do and that shows!”

Paul Keursten, Co-Founder and CEO Workshop17