Your e-book is an absolute master piece. I must once more thank you for being part of our story in Oranjemund. I have learnt a lot from your experience and wisdom.

Cllr. Henry Edward Coetzee Mayor of Oranjemund, Namibia

I really like the summary case-study approach of the book. It is light and dense at the same time.
Your exceptional personal magic lies in Sensing the Energy and Finding Direction.

Retha van der Schyf, founder Resilients

I found it at once insightful and deep, but also a pleasant, easy read without the usual mind-numbing techno speak of the industry.
Congratulations on an inspiring piece of work!

William Elliott, GM ELNOS, Ontario

I very much like the way you write: loosely, and sometimes “vaguely”, but there is a strong pulse all the time. And always ``sense and sensibility”. I think it is a powerful story and well told. And I think a lot of people need to hear it.

Juan Alvaro Urban Regeneration, Bilbao and Monterrey

Who knew such a rich tapestry and skillful art underpins what most would consider a boring science: Mike is a master s tory-teller and true visionary.

Ari Khan, founder Starlogik, California

Mike is a left field thinker who operates on the continuum of somewhere between the present and the future; and particularly as that relates to the ideation of future space and place.

John McGuire, Chief Innovation Officer, Aurecon


When the office blocks were built, working from home was a fringe activity. When mining towns sprang up, little thought was given to the fate of those towns, once the mine was depleted.

The built environment is a story of the past – in a present changing at bewildering pace. Cities, towns and precincts need to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and challenges. Then figure out how to meet them.

The figuring it all out takes months, maybe a few years. The change takes place over decades.

Freedthinkers has participated in place-making for more than 20 years. From the inner city of Johannesburg to the newly proclaimed city of Victoria Falls. We facilitate, shape and distill new thinking, help build resilience, and initiate action. ‘Changing Places’ has the lessons learnt along the way.

Written by Mike Freedman. Graphics by Jadesign

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